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"Custom Maintenance and Fabrication Solutions for Your Production Needs"

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Baghouse removal contracting service

Count on Us to Perform a Variety of Services on Your Job Site

Our interaction with tanks evolved into additional work supporting many aspects of oil, gas, chemical, metal, and water production sites.  We have the experience and equipment to take on a variety of projects.

Our work exposes us to many production activities, so our skill set requires similar variety.  Our core services follow rigorous procedures.  New services receive diligent research, training, and procedure confirmation.  We require complete confidence on any project by our personnel and clients before work begins.

Here Are Some of the Ways We Can Help You

Equipment removal, structural fabrication, gate/handrail fabrication and installation, industrial paint, hauling services, and more.  Contact us today for more details on our services: by phone at 304-459-3057 or contact us directly at info@refineryms.com.

Diverse Contracting Services

Industrial Paint